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Virus Scanning

We scan all e-mail that is processed by our mail server for viruses. In the event that a virus is found, the infected e-mail is blocked. Please be advised that this service does not guarantee that users won't get a virus or receive an e-mail with a virus. For various reasons, such as a virus newer than software able to detect or software malfunction, a virus may slip through our system. It is also possible to get viruses from sources other than email. This service is a free service that is intended to be the first line of defense against viruses and does not preclude the need for a virus scanner running on a users personal computer. We update our virus scanner with the latest virus patterns on an hourly basis.

Spam Blocking and Tagging

Computer Wares maintains a Spam Firewall that processes mail before sending the messages on to the mail server. The Spam Firewall has several lines of defense against spam. First of all messages are checked against black lists of servers known to send spam. All these messages are just rejected from the start. Next the sending email address is check against global blacklists on the server and personal user blacklists that you create. If a match is found then these messages are rejected. Next is runs the message through a point system that rates certain characteristics with points. The more points the more likely it is spam. Once a certain point threshold is reached this message is determined to be spam. If the score is very high the message is quarantined and kept on the spam firewall. If the score is lower and the spam determination questionable the message is tagged. The tag is the text {SPAM?} inserted in front of the subject line. The intended use of this spam tag is for a user to create a rule or filter that automatically moves these messages into a different mail box. A tutorial for creating a spam rule is available at

As previously mentioned, quarantined messages are kept on the Spam Firewall. Each day a summary of these messages are sent out. The subject line for these messages will read "Spam Quarantine Summary". Listed in this message are the sender address and subject for each message that was quarantined. If you want any of these messages you can simply click on "Deliver". If these messages should not be quarantined you can click on "Whitelist" and the senders address will automatically be added to your personal list of users that should not be scanned for spam. At the bottom of the Spam Quarantine Summary email is a link that says: "To view your entire quarantine inbox or manage your preferences, click here." Clicking on this link will take you to your account on the Spam Firewall.

Your account on the Spam Firewall can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Spam Quarantine Summary, or by going to address Please note that the "Username:" on this screen is your entire email address and that the "Password:" is assigned by the server. It is not the password you picked out when you signed up for Internet service. If you don't know the password, follow the instructions on the screen and the Spam Firewall will email it to you. Once you have the password you can return to this screen and login. On the Spam Firewall screens you can view or manage your quarantine inbox, or change your preferences. Help is available by clicking on the ? in the box.

Web Based E-mail

Web based e-mail is available at or click on the icon at the upper left of our home page. The web based e-mail makes it easy to check your mail while away from your personal computer. The SmarterMail web based email is full featured and can be used in place of an email client such as Outlook Express. Please be advised that the maximum mail box size is 60 megabytes.

Email Policies

Email left in the Spam Quarantine will be deleted after 21 days. We reserve the right to remove email accounts that are inactive for 30 days. We are happy to reestablish these accounts at any time, change email addresses, or keep inactive accounts open, just let us know.

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